Intensive Care

Let us put you in intensive care. Not you personally, your clothes! Your high value garments and delicate home furnishings require specialist care and at Plus Dry Cleaners we professionally handle your most prized possessions.

Our Process


Click a mouse, push a button or simply dial 1800 PICKUP and we will be there to pick up your dry cleaning. Delegation done.

Pick Up

We race out in one of our super schmick PLUS DRY CLEANERS vans to your office or home where one of our friendly team will jump out and pick up your dry cleaning before disappearing in a flash.

Dry Clean

This is where we give your clothes, furnishings and delicates the intensive care treatment.

Drop Off

With a smile on our dial and your dry cleaning all immaculately clean and pressed (where required) we race back out to your office or home. How efficient are you!

Choose a Service

We are specialists in dry cleaning delicate garments and furnishings. Indeed we pride ourselves on our professional care.